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Spools of Thread, by Angi Holden

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Angi Holden’s assured debut, Spools of Thread was the winner of the inaugural Mother’s Milk Books Pamphlet Prize. Relationships, love, parenting, and being parented, are all explored in the pamphlet; the poems image-rich, sensitive, and filled with love. Spools of Thread is an exquisite body of work by a much-loved poet - it is as rich and colourful as spools of thread themselves.


Publication date: 27th February 2018


From the pamphlet:


I Measure My Mother’s Love


In spools of thread:

royal blue Sylko and scarlet Gütermann.

In sixpenny cards of buttons:

pink and blue for handknit cardis

plain white for cuffed school shirts,

turquoise florins for my sister’s coat.

In bolts of cloth tied with string:

polished cotton for summer frocks.

Brushed Viyella for winter nightgowns,

grey twill for press-pleated skirts.


In rustless needles and blood-sharp pins,

in running stitches tacking shapeless fabric

to lithesome bodies and coltish limbs.

In smocking and twice-sewn French seams,

in the electric hum of the black and gold Singer,

in turned hems, let down as we grew.