Maysun and the Wingfish, by Alison Lock

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From the back cover:

Following the destruction of her beloved valley, Maysun encounters the spirit of the GrandOmma and embarks on a journey to bring the Wingfish – and harmony – back to her homeland. She must face the dangers of the Ruba forest alone, haunted by the memory of her encounter with Barco, the unwitting bringer of danger…


With her lyrical prose and talent for invention, Alison Lock conjures a magical world, with its own intriguing myths and vivid details. I was enchanted by Maysun’s story from the very first chapter.

Zoe Gilbert


A beautifully imagined world with an atmosphere that lingers. A young girl finds true power when she aligns her destiny with the natural and the supernatural.

Ana Salote


Paperback: 146 pages


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