Oy Yew by Ana Salote

£ 7.99

Oy Yew, by Ana Salote

Suitable for readers age 8 - 108

From the back cover:

‘Lay low and grow,’ is the motto of the waifs of Duldred Hall. The only way to escape their life of drudgery is to reach the magical height of 5 thighs 10 oggits. But Master Jeopardine is determined to feed them little and keep them small. When the master’s methods grow more sinister the waifs must face their doubts. What is kept in the Bone Room? Why is Rook’s parlour locked? A new waif arrives and the fight for survival begins. But this child brings another mystery: who is Oy?


The waifs will grab your heart from page one and not let go. This book entertains on so many levels. Charles Kinglsey meets Jasper Fforde with shades of Gormenghast.

Fiona Faith Ross, author


Destined to be a classic. Jeopardine’s decline into horrific madness offers readers of all ages the same thrill as Dahl’s Child Catcher.

Helen Baggott (read-reviewed.com)


The first chapter of Oy Yew can be read here:



More praise for Oy Yew:

This is a book truly wonderful on many layers of understanding. It is an intellectual book, it is a lighthearted fairy tale, it is a murder mystery with mayhem an open opportunity just waiting to happen. It is fueled by trust when trust is impossible. This is a book I will long remember and always cherish… The best book I have read in the last 50 years.

Amazon reviewer


A review from a family:

I really liked this book.  I’d really recommend it and want the next one to come out soon!

Lizzy (aged 11)

It’s a good book and I really want to read the next.

Bob (aged 9)

I really enjoyed reading this book with my children (11 & 9).  It’s a very intriguing page-turner and we’re all agreed that we will be reading the sequel when it comes out.

Ruth, from Nottingham


This is a great book. Oy Yew caught me from the first page. There is something utterly vibrant and compelling about Ana Salote’s writing. The characters are enigmatic and intriguing, especially Oy, who is a most original and subtle hero; he touched my heart. The story encapsulates, what is for me, one of the best themes: freedom from slavery and convention. Highly recommended.

Amazon reviewer


To my mind, this is one of the finest childrens novels ever written.

Bastian’s Book Reviews


Oy Yew was longlisted for the Times/Chicken House prize for children’s fiction. It is part 1 of the Waifs of Duldred trilogy. Part 2, Nondula, was released in 2017 and can be bought here.

ISBN 978-0-9573858-6-3

Paperback , 276 pages

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