Mounted print of 'The Ballad of the Beach' by Marija Smits

£ 5.99

Print: Ballad of the Beach

Print of poem entitled 'The Ballad of the Beach' by Marija Smits

  • High quality print on thick, glossy paper attached to pure white mount board, accompanied by a backing board.
  • Presentation: comes sealed in a cellophane bag.
  • Approx. size of entire mounted print: 250 mm x 200 mm.
  • The mounted print fits inside a standard 8 x 10 inch frame (250 mm x 200 mm)*.
  • Artist: Karen Bachman-Kells

*A frame is not included with this item.


The Ballad of the Beach

I walked along a golden beach,

Awash with stones and shells.

I felt the sand beneath my feet

And heard the children's yells.


I watched my daughter run ahead

To climb a grassy dune;

I gladly followed where she led

For well I knew too soon,


She'd be too old, 'grown up' she'd say

To share these things with me.

And then I'd be here all alone

Just staring at the sea.

So wanting very much to keep

This moment evergreen,

I took in all the sights and sounds;

The seen and the unseen.

This memory-to-be got saved,

And fixed within my brain,

The way we laughed and "misbehaved";

The sudden fall of rain.

Now years have passed, my daughter's grown

And gone beyond my reach.

But when I close my eyes and pause,

We're back there on that beach.



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