The Forgotten and the Fantastical 3, edited by Teika Bellamy

£ 8.99


From the back cover:

In this, the third in the series of The Forgotten and the Fantastical, an annual collection of fairy tales for an adult audience, transformation, both physical and psychological, is a recurring theme. Tea is served and stories are told. A stiletto is lost and strange babies are born. And bears, trees and flowers are never quite what they seem…

Features new writing from:

Sarah Armstrong, Carys Crossen, Moira Garland, Marie Gethins, Sarah Hindmarsh, Angi Holden, Elizabeth Hopkinson, Dan Micklethwaite, Poppy O’Neill, Ness Owen, NJ Ramsden, Ronne Randall, Rachel Rivett, Sophie Sellars, Claire Stephenson, Lynden Wade, Clair Wright.


Wise women, children, bears, and ravens, these are stories that hear the songs of mermaids and strange sounds in the woods – an utterly enchanting anthology.

Angela Readman (author of Don’t Try This at Home)


This is a book to explore like a curious Alice in the wonderland of imagination, peering into rooms marked myth, morality, future, fable, wit and tragedy. Writers at play have produced a fine variety of styles, slants and twists on traditional and original themes.

Editor, Teika (Tinker?) Bellamy, has loosed a third fantastical selection guaranteed to get the grown-ups clapping.

Ana Salote (author of Oy Yew)


Paperback: 192 pages


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